Special Ops are coming to Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Special Ops are coming to Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Activision and Infinity Ward have announced that Call of Duty Modern Warfare is getting a revamped version of the classic mode, Special Ops. In this 4 player co-op mode, players will tackle missions that whilst separate, together will advance the overarching story of Modern Warfare, check out the trailer.

Within Modern Warfare’s Special Ops are multiple dynamic experiences that take place on a wide variety of maps. The largest and most involved multi-stage experiences unfold across a sprawling urban environment around the city of Verdansk. These 4 player matchmade activities are known as Operations.

Most of the Killstreaks you know from Multiplayer Mode, such as airstrikes and UAVs, will be accessible in Special Ops. In addition, a number of vehicles, including tanks, helicopters, and ATVs, give your squad the opportunity to tackle any Operation at hand in a variety of ways.

Want to go in quietly, or guns blazing? Whatever you may choose, the situation is always fluid, as enemy forces will react to your choices in an attempt to foil your plans. They may deploy more soldiers via helicopters or even bring in a Juggernaut or two to wipe out your Armistice fireteam.

Work together with your team, be prepared to revive squadmates if necessary, and execute the task at hand as best as you can.

There are multiple modes and even a PlayStation 4 exclusive one, at least until October 1 2020, you can read all about them here.