The Jedi Fallen Order concept art looks amazing

With the official reveal of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, fans have begun to get excited about the game and as the release is later this year, they won’t have to wait long.

While we have seen the trailer and screens released, we have not shown off the concept art that was released as well. The reason why I wanted to showcase it on its own, is purely because it looks so good. There are three pieces revealed, one is above and shows Cal Kestis inside an old temple of some kind, complete with writing and objects on the wall.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Concept Art 2.jpg

The second focuses on, who is likely the main antagonist for the game, the Second Sister, an Inquisitor who is trained by Darth Vader in the ways of the force, but only enough to be a threat to regular people and Jedi, not enough to be considered Sith or a threat to himself of the Emperor. But not only is the Second Sister front and centre, but she is flanked by Purge Troopers, one of the most dangerous types of Stormtroopers.


The third piece shows of Cal, standing upon a swamp/moore, that evokes feelings of Tatooine, complete with two light sources in the sky and it feels like it leads into the next one.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Concept Art 1.jpg

The final piece harkens back to the time that Luke was on Dagobah with Yoda, but this time instead of the Jedi Master, he is alone with his droid BD-1.