Switch Lite is real and coming this September

Switch Lite is real and coming this September

Nintendo have always been coy about rumours, but with the sheer number of them around a Switch Lite, it was impossible to be wrong and it was not as Nintendo have just announced the Switch Lite, which is releasing on September 20

The Switch Lite is different to the regular Switch in a few key ways, first of all it will not dock to a TV, this is a handheld only device, I mean there is not even a kickstand for tabletop play.


The second biggest change is that the Joy-Con are now no longer removeable, which means that any game that required you to pass one to a friend, is still playable, as long as you own a separate set.

Finally, the other change relates to the controllers that are built in, there is now a proper d-pad on the left side of the unit, but on the right, there is no IR Camera and HD Rumble has been removed as well.

What is different is that the Switch Lite will launch in three colours, Yellow, Grey and Turquoise and they will be available for the price of $329.95 in Australia.

If that were not enough for you, they have also announced a Pokemon Sword and Shield edition, called the Zacian & Zamazenta Edition, it comes with a lighter grey base colour, the red and blue colours on the buttons and sticks and artwork of the two Legendaries on the back.