Starlink Battle for Atlas gets new content and a new platform

Starlink Battle for Atlas gets new content and a new platform

Ubisoft has announced that tomorrow, Starlink: Battle for Atlas will be coming to PC and all console editions will be scoring a free update, Crimson Moon, which will affect the entire Atlas system, with new faction story missions, weekly challenges, and competitive outlaw racing in single-player and split-screen coop.

In addition to the free content there will also be paid content available to buy, with all platforms getting the option to add in with five new pilots, three new Starships, and 11 weapons. Those who have the Switch version of the game will be able to add on a second content pack for a price.

This extra content will add more Star Fox to the game, letting players hunt Star Wolf in new story missions, and adding three legendary Star Fox team pilots – Peppy, Slippy, and Falco, each with their own special ability and skill tree.

Those who are looking to pick up the PC version will be happy to know, they have choice, players can go the all digital route, or if they have a PS4 or Xbox One controller, with the controller mount, you can opt for the physical toys. As the game requires some decent specs to run the game, Ubisoft have released a handy infographic that explains what you need, for what level of presentation.


While the content drops tomorrow, there are some nice screens to enjoy, so check them out below