PAX Aus 2019 - Hands on with Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Before the public descending upon PAX Australia, media, content creators and special guest were invited in to get hands on with some of the bigger titles and one of those games was Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

Now the game is out in just a few weeks, but that has not stopped people from flocking to the game, I joined other media folks and we got in some 2v2 using the Gunfight mode and it was fun. The mode is quite simple, you and a squad mate against two other players, the only rule is that before each round, the guns are selected for you. These ranged from shotguns to pistols, AK’s to SMGs, there was enough variety and you never really knew what you would get, kinda like a box of chocolates and this meant each round was a mix of getting the kill and learning about the weapon.


We had planned to play three matches, on different maps, but after the first match ended, with my side loosing 6-1, the second one proved to be quite different. It seems that for each round we one, the other guys won as well, so the score climbed very slowly, so the end result was that we never got to that final match. The maps are quite small, but still provided enough space to hide, at least attempts at hiding, with some higher zones, some crawl spaces and the mandatory half tall walls, I can see some players adapting very quick to them, but if you don’t, they are not large enough for it to be a concern.

Time with the game was short and sadly there was no single player to sample, but it did wet the appetite for more, I personally skipped last years Black Ops 4 as it was simply not my thing, but Modern Warfare is bringing me back to the series, so now it is a matter of seeing what the future holds and thankfully, we only have a few weeks to wait.