One Piece Pirate Warrior 4 is taking a visit to Wano Country

One Piece Pirate Warrior 4 is taking a visit to Wano Country

Bandai Namco have announced that One Piece Pirate Warrior 4 is set to include Wano Country, which has only just recently appeared in the One Piece anime. As the story is still being told, the game will include a retelling of sorts, taking place in the same location, but with a new threat to Luffy and crew, check out the trailer below.

In addition to the new location, two more playable characters have been announced for the game, they are:

Zoro: The indomitable swordsman and master of the Santoryu, the three swords style he created, will be joining the brawl! He was the first member to join the Straw Hat Crew and will without a doubt do his part in the Wano Country fights.


Carrot: She is a natural-born fighter, a member of the mink tribe and will definitely be a force to be reckon with in any battlefield. As a mink she also can call upon the mysterious power of the Sulong form. By looking directly at the moon, she can transform and unleashes her primal instincts and an immeasurable destructive power!