Gears 5 scores an ice cold console bundle

Gears 5 scores an ice cold console bundle

Xbox have announced the first Xbox One X Limited Edition console, since the original release of the Scorpio Edition and it is themed around Gears 5 and the ice cold motif the game is sporting.

Designed by The Coalition and the Xbox Industrial Design Team, it features a never-before-seen dark translucent casing and laser-etched cracks across the console’s icy top surface, with snow drifting across a golden Locust symbol on the back.

2 (1).jpg

The controller will feature a similar snow-weathered design inspired by Kait’s armor, a textured trigger grip, and rubberised diamond grip. This Xbox Wireless Controller authentically captures the look and feel of classic COG gear. It is included in with the console, or can be bought on its own, for those who just want it.

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If you want to show off your brand-new Xbox Wireless Controller – Gears 5 Kait Diaz Limited Edition in style, also available is the officially licensed Limited Edition Gears 5 Kait Diaz Xbox Pro Charging Stand, manufactured with the same high quality and colour material as your Xbox Wireless Controller. The stand includes a magnetic contact system to ensure a perfect and secure charge every time, so fans can display and charge their Xbox Wireless Controllers with ease.

If you want to get the console bundle, you can do that here, or at your local JB HiFi, EB Games or Harvey Norman.