Furi scores a new update today, bringing new content to the game

Furi scores a new update today, bringing new content to the game

The Game Bakers have announced that Furi, the frenzied boss fighter has today scored an updated for all platfoms, with the Freedom Update, which adds the Invincible Mode, elusive boss Bernard and Speedrun in Furier

Those who have the game on PC, might notice that some of the updates are already available on the platform, the things that are missing, will be added there in this release.

“We’ve been listening to Furi’s community about the features and improvements that they were hoping for and we have been releasing some of those over the months in our Steam version. With the Freedom Update we’re happy to be able to share them with players regardless of the platform they play on.” said Audrey Leprince, the studio co-founder.

The update includes - when not already available on the platform:

The Invincible mode: A set of commands to become invincible, skip a fight, skip or lock a certain phase in a fight, or weaken a boss. It enables anyone to enjoy the audiovisual and narrative experience that is Furi. But also proves handy for the most hardcore players who want to practice their fight, in particular speedrunners looking to improve their record.

Speedrun in Furier: You can now speedrun the game in Furier (hard) difficulty after you finish a speedrun in Furi difficulty. In Furier difficulty, the boss patterns are redesigned, so it’s a real new challenge. The world record to beat the game in Furier is just under 45 minutes!


Bernard: A bossfight that was originally made available as surprise content in the DLC One More Fight. It was included in the Switch version and is now accessible for free also on Xbox One. Bernard is inspired from the best attacks and patterns of all the bosses and uses the character and arena we used for prototyping. Bernard might not look good but he certainly will give you a tough fight!

Control Scheme D: Alternate control scheme that helps dodging or parrying while shooting / slashing, and was designed based on discussion with the game community.

The game is available on PC, Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with the update out now for all of them.