March 08, 2019

Get your first look at Dong Zhuo from Total War: Three Kingdoms

Sega and Creative Assembly have released an extended gameplay video of Total War Three Kingdoms, which takes a detailed look at Dong Zhuo, a man who will stop at nothing to purge those who get in his way.

Dong Zhuo is driven by greed and a need to incite fear, striking down all those who oppose him. His playstyle relies on executing government officials, claiming vassal states as his own, and coercing deals out of those too weak to rise against him. With the Han Dynasty in his clutches and the might of his intimidation near unstoppable, victory will soon be in his grasp.

Players can unlock Dong Zhuo's campaign by defeating his army in a battle or by reaching the rank of Emperor, bringing the total number of playable warlords to 12. Each of the warlords have their unique strengths they'll have to employ to unify Ancient China.

The game is set to release on May 23rd, after it was delayed a few extra weeks for polish.

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