February 14, 2019

Trials Rising open beta and season pass details announce

Ubisoft have announced a lot information for Trials Rising, starting off with when the Open Beta will be, including what content players can expect.

The open beta will take place between February 21st and February 25th, the game itself releases in full on February 26th. During the beta period, players will have access to 18 tracks, ranging from sunday cruise easy and up to controller snapping extreme, 5 bikes will also be on hand, letting players get some action in on all types.

If that was enough, there is even more to see and do when you head online, with  25 Contracts, Challengers game mode and 8 tracks playable, there is a lot to enjoy in the beta.

If that was not enough, they have also announced the post launch content plans for the game, including expansion pack names and details. Players will get access to two customisation packs, Stuntman and Samurai, which will add some flare to the already outlandish Trials action.

For those who want to keep the challenge alive, there are two content packs, Sixty Six and Crash & Sunbrun, with all the content being made available via a season pass, called Expedition Pass here. Below are the details for the two packs:

Sixty Six – Expansion I: Cruise and crash along Route 66 to experience the splendor that is the Land of Opportunity with new tracks and new Contracts. Taking inspiration from one of America’s favourite pastimes, football, this DLC includes items such as a football helmet, shirt, pants and cleats so players can cross the finish line in a sporty fashion.

Crash & Sunburn – Expansion II: Go below the equator to see the wonders of the Southern Hemisphere. Ride your way through the epic jungle-covered mountains of Peru to the icy region of Antarctica with two new bikes that introduce new gameplay possibilities, challenges and an explorer-themed outfit.

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