February 21, 2019

First details from the new studio Embark

It is always news when someone who is high up in a major gaming company leaves and begins something new, but that is what happened when Patrick Söderlund did just that, leaving Electronic Arts to form Embark and now he and the other founding members, have given a glimpse into what they are working on.

Patrick took to Medium, to relay the update and it is worth a read, here is the beginning and the rest can be found here.
Some three months have passed since we started Embark, and things around here are taking form.
We’ve read through thousands of applications, hired over 50 people, moved into our own house in the heart of Stockholm’s Old Town, and begun building what looks to become our first game.
So I thought now’s as good a time as any to share an update on why we started this venture. I want to let you in on some decisions we’ve made, and give you a glimpse into our progress so far.
They also dropped some concept art as well, here it is.

The above concept art is not for a final project, as things change and evolve over time, but it does show the direction that the studio is looking to head. It was stated that the game is going to be a "cooperative free-to-play action game set in a distant future, about overcoming seemingly impossible odds by working together."

But it has not just been some still images, a team of three creators over a few weeks, crafted the below test, to see how their choice of engine and design goals would go together.

The update helps set the scene for what the studio is working on, but it will be sometime until we see it for real, I for one though, can't wait to learn more about this new world they are creating.

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