February 15, 2019

Dragon Quest XI S is coming to Switch and there are some big changes included

It was only a little while back that the world got its first look at Dragon Quest XI S, thanks to an event in Japan and as most gamers know, large RPG games very rarely make their way out of Japan anytime fast, so it was a shock to see it showcased in the latest Nintendo Direct.

The biggest changes to the game are very numerous, but without a doubt the addition of fully orchestrated battle and field music is a big one. As there are a lot of people that are quite upset at the quality of the music in the other versions of the game, as a note a lot of people want this music to come to the other versions, so far though, it is listed as exclusive for Switch.

The other big addition is that the Switch version effectively combines the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS versions of the game, allowing you to play it in the stunning 3d open world style, or the retro inspired 16-bit version.

If that was not enough, the game will also add new story missions for the characters that journey along with you, more details though are expected later in the year, ahead of the games release sometime in the Spring.

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