February 20, 2019

Discover the most grounded warfare ever in Records mode for Total War Three Kingdoms

Sega and Creative Assembly have released a new video for Total War Three Kingdoms, which shows off Records Mode, a way to experience the battles as they have been recorded. The video is below, but be ready it does go for over 20 minutes, so grab a drink and settle in.

Building on the legacy of Total War's acclaimed history titles, Records mode draws from 3rd century records of historical events to offer a realistic view of how these conflicts came to pass. This take on Three Kingdoms is sure to delight history buffs as they rely on their own strategic prowess to conquer and conspire their way through Ancient China.

Records is the counterpart to Romance mode, the game's legendary retelling of the Three Kingdoms history, complete with larger-than-life warlords, each boasting powerful abilities. The campaign experience is similar between the two modes, but the differences have a significant impact on the real-time battles.

The studios own tests have battles that take place in Records mode, lasting over 30% longer than those in Romance, so you will get a lot more game for your buck there.

Total War Three Kingdoms is coming to PC on May 23rd, after it was delayed last week.

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