February 27, 2019

DiRT Rally 2.0 is out now - complete with a new trailer

Codemasters have announced that DiRT Rally 2.0 is out now for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and celebrating this, they have released a new trailer, which shows off some of the praise the game has received.

As the sequel to the 2015 release, DiRT Rally 2.0 enhances the on-track experience, and creates the most authentic representation of rallying ever seen in a video game. New features including tyre choice adds a level of strategy, allowing racers to choose a compound based on the surface, length of race or driving style. 

Stage Degradation more accurately depicts the conditions faced by drivers at any point in a real race. Taking on a stage in 20th to 120th place will feel wildly different and offers a real challenge. Keeping the car balanced and on the very limit, through rutted and carved-up tracks, will require nerves of steel. Surviving each bespoke, characterful, fun yet punishing stage is an unrivalled experience.

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