February 14, 2019

Dearly departed - Oninaki is coming

Another title from the Tokyo RPG Factory is always welcome, especially when it looks as good as Oninaki does. In a world where mourning the dead is not allowed and those that have died can be reborn, Oninaki is set to ask some tough questions, like how do the souls of the dead turn into monsters?

Check out the debut trailer below, and then the clip of the game from the Nintendo Direct, where it was announced.

With exciting new action-RPG gameplay, players will explore the world as a mysterious Watcher named Kagachi who is bound by duty to sever the bonds that tie the Lost to this world. With Kagachi’s guidance, these wandering souls in the world of the Beyond can continue the cyclical process of reincarnation over again.

The game is coming to all three platforms, Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC sometime this Winter, no set date has been given yet.

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