February 06, 2019

Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing is leave the VR world behind this April

Tribetoy has announced that their former PlayStation VR title, Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing, is soon leaving behind the world of virtual reality and releasing on Xbox One, Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC, no headset required.

Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing is a single-player action-strategy roguelike in which you’ll oversee a flying airship in a multi-stage competition being broadcast as a deadly reality TV show. 

You’ll have to use keep your wits about you, as you manage your ragtag crew to keep your vessel afloat, fend off incoming attackers, gather resources, and search for treasure. Like any good reality show, forging temporary alliances is the name of the game, as players team up with NPCs to conspire against the most dominant threats. Just be aware that there’s little honor among sky pirates and only one captain will be crowned victorious.

“Bow to Blood is truly unlike anything out there, with its mix of naval combat, airship management, and diplomacy,” said Tribetoy Co-Founder and Director of Design, ​Matthew Hoesterey. “We’re thrilled that a whole new audience will get to discover it in this multiplatform release this April.”

If you already own the game on PlayStation VR, then you are not left behind as the new content created for this non-VR release, is coming as well. If you have a PC and pick up the game, it will also support Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, giving you the choice on how to experience the game.

In any event, the game is hitting all platforms this April, so get ready to repel this borders.

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