January 18, 2019

Xenon Racers is revving its engines for its March 26 release

SOEDESCO has announced that Xenon Racer will blast onto Switch, Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 on March 26th, letting players experience the final ever fuel based racing series, from this futuristic world.

In the year 2030, the first flying cars have been invented and the World Federation Racing Championship is preparing for a new era of racing with hybrid cars. To give teams time to adjust to this fundamental transition, the Federation issues a season’s pause. 

Four of the world’s leading hybrid electric car manufacturers get together and decide to bridge this gap by organizing “Xenon”, a once in a lifetime championship for rookie drivers to help test the new technology with car prototypes running on a combination of electricity and Xenon gas.

As the main racing series folks, don't approve of this, they have refused to allow the races to take place on their race tracks, so all the races will take place in famous cities around the world. The locations are featured in the above trailer, so how many can you spot.

The game is out in stores for the consoles versions and digital only for the PC release. 

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