January 24, 2019

When Ski Lifts Go Wrong is out now for Switch and PC

During the recent Indies presentation from Nintendo it was announced that When Ski Lifts Go Wrong was now available on Switch, dropping during the event. It has also been released for PC via Steam, so you have choices on where you get your snow based transportation fix from.

When Ski Lifts Go Wrong combines the joy of mechanical engineering with the mischievous pratfalls of sending hapless winter sports enthusiasts to their doom. To accompany this commercial launch, new summer environments have been added to the game, bringing the total level count to over 100. The added content also includes new vehicles such as the motorbike and bicycle, additional music, new achievements, Steam trading cards and bug fixes.

The Switch version makes use of the consoles unique features, offering up touch controls for your playing pleasure, you can also record video in the game, to capture that epic build or epic failure. Those on PC, will be able to export video and screens of the same, giving them the same chance to shine.

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