January 17, 2019

This Dead End Job is unlike any you have had before

At some point in life, everyone will end up in a dead end job, but you will have never had one like this. Developer Ant Workshop and publisher Headup Games have announced Dead End Job, a mix of ghostbusters and Ren and Stimpy, check out the debut trailer below.

The game is a procedurally generated twin-stick shooter, meaning that no matter how many times you play it, things will never happen the same way twice. Characters will have a vacuum strapped to their back and a blaster in their hand and a friend by their side, as the game supports full two player co-op.

You take on the role of Hector Plasm, a worker at Ghoul-B-Gone – ‘the Number One experts in paranormal pest control’ – as you’re tasked with heading to haunted offices, restaurants, and other everyday buildings before freeing them of unwanted guests. One minute you're sucking up specters, the next you're sucking up to your bosses, chasing that promotion.

The game is set to release sometime in quarter 2 and is coming to Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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