January 21, 2019

Talion is getting ready for Australia, complete with local servers

GAMEVIL launched Talion sometime ago on iOS and Android in parts of Asia, but as of today, registrations are open for Australian players, but it is not just a matter of playing a new game, they are also including Australian servers for the release.

If you have never heard of Talion, the game is MMORPG, that you can enjoy from your own mobile device. Create your character, venture out into the world, complete quests solo or as part of a party, is is a complete gaming experience, just in the palm of your hands.

Check out this gameplay video, which showcases some of the classes and attacks that you can unleash.

But choosing a class, is not all you need to do, there is also the very important step, of crafting your character, defining not only their gender, but their complete look.

Though, no matter how awesome the attacks or your character look, it means little if the game is constantly loading up a new portion of the map for you to explore, thankfully Talion has a number of open fields for you to explore, each with their own look and enemies to battle.

Finally, if you are wanting a real challenge, you can team up with 19 other players and battle against 20 more, in 20v20, Realm V Realm battles.

The game is free to play, but as with most will vary depending on how you play and if you opt to purchase items in game.

If you want to register your interest in the game, you can do so, right here.

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