January 16, 2019

Stay down and don't make a sound as Intruders: Hide and Seek comes to PSVR next month

Get ready for the ultimate game of hide and seek as Daedalic Entertainment and developer Tessera Studios, have announced Intruders: Hide and Seek, coming next month to PlayStation VR.

You will play as the 10 year old son of a family, whose home has been broken into and the parents have been captured, you younger sister is hiding and if you are found, its game over. 

You will have to find a way to save your family while you figure out who the three assailants are and what they want. You will have to move around unnoticed, avoid any confrontation and help your family in order to survive the worst night of their lives.

In addition, you will be able to use the well callibrated VR-perspective to get a full and detailed view of the floors. However, you have to think about your next steps because each of the intruders has a specific perspective. You have to skip every coneshaped field of vision, survive for the family's sake and try to call for help.

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