January 17, 2019

Bring colours to life with Specdrums from Sphero

While Sphero might have announced they were stepping away from licenced goods for now, they are still innovating elsewhere and their latest is a product called Specdrums, if you can find colour, with Specdrums, you can make music.

Rather than me, rewording the product, here is the official spiel from Sphero themselves:
Specdrums are app-enabled musical rings that make the world your instrument by turning colors into sounds. Connect to the Specdrums apps and tap on anything – your clothes, drawings, or the included playing pad – to create and mix any sounds, beats, and loops that all play through your mobile device. Jam on your own or with friends, anytime and anywhere. 
Built with sleek technology including an accelerometer, light sensor, LEDs, and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, Specdrums rings provide an accessible, portable, and tactile way to discover music creation without spending money on expensive, singular instruments. The MIX app provides curated sound packs that allow you to mix and produce entire songs with the tap of your finger, while the MUSIC app turns Specdrums into one of the simplest, most versatile instruments to teach music fundamentals through color association. You can also connect Specdrums to any other music software that accepts Bluetooth MIDI, such as GarageBand and Ableton Live.
All skill levels, from curious-minded kids to seasoned musicians, can create their own masterpieces with hundreds of instruments, loops, and sounds. Express your creativity and play music in a new, open-ended way with Specdrums.

The idea of being able to tap any surface and creating music, is honestly quick interesting, given how often I find myself just tapping on a surface, usually when waiting for a train or such, being able to convert that to music, is quite appealing.

“Sphero recognizes Specdrums as an opportunity to engage kids at the intersection of arts, math, science and technology, building a parallel framework between coding and music composition,” said Paul Berberian, CEO, Sphero. “By seeing the world around them as a canvas, kids are able to use Specdrums to create their own songs using coding, which is really exciting for them, their parents and their teachers. Meanwhile, the creative pattern-making of loops and sounds strengthens their math and problem-solving skills.” 

While we have no date or price on when we will get them here in Australia, a single ring is priced at $65 USD, so likely around $90 - $100 for us.

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