December 17, 2018

Silver Lining is the final DLC for Spider-Man

Insomnaic, PlayStation and Marvel have released the details for the final chapter in the Spider-Man DLC trilogy, Silver Lining, as well as the fact that players can expect it on December 21st, just in time for the holidays.

Spider-Man will team up with Silver Sable, who has returned to New York in order to reclaim her company and while Yuri Watanabe is not around to help now, Spider-Man will do what he can to protect his city.

Players will have to contend with the fallout from the previous DLC, Turf Wars as well, so be wary of new weapons, enemies and more. 

In addition, three new suits will also be acquireable for players, including one based on the movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. The DLC is out on December 21st and available in the Season Pass, as well as to buy on its own. 

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