November 03, 2018

The final challengers are here for Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Nintendo hosted their final Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct, ahead of the games launch on December 7th and it, they announced 3 new characters, detailed the new Spirits mode and teased the story/adventure World of Light, but this is all about the characters.

Incineroar jumps from Pokemon to Super Smash Bros and uses pro-wrestling moves, culminating in an epic Final Smash called Max Malicious Moonsault, based on his Z- Move from the Pokémon games. Incineroar is the final evolution of Litten, who made his first appearance in the Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon games.

Ken was announced first, but he is an echo fighter for Ryu, so not wholy original. This Ken is based on his appearance in Super Street Fighter II Turbo. While he has some similar moves to Ryu, Ken is a slightly faster character and has a different shaped Hadoken.

Finally, the last character announced is actually the first DLC character announced and is free to all who pre-order the game, or buy it and redeem their Gold Coins, before January 31st. Piranha Plant is the character and just as fans have come to expect, he is packed with lots of options. Some of his attacks include spitting poison, spitting out spikey balls and even stretching to reach out of the way fighters. His final smash calls in Petey Piranha, who will attempt to capture any other fighter in his cages.

In addition to these three, it was confirmed that DLC is being worked on and 5 packs are planed for launch, these will include a single character, a single stage and multiple music tracks. No details were given for what is included in them at this time, but if you wanted to pre-purchase them, you can buy the Fighter Pass for $32.50 and doing that will give you a bonus Mii Fighter costume.

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