November 03, 2018

Super Smash Bros Ultimate adds new modes and assists

During the final Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct, ahead of the games launch, we finally learnt what the rumoured Spirits mode is about, as well as the games story/adventure mode and more.

Spirits mode replaces the trophies from the previous games, rather than now just unlocking a nicely posed figure, Spirits will let you take the power, or ability from a character and add it to your own.

There is a massive number of wildly different spirits, ranging from Chibi-Robo to Dr. Wily to Tails to Revolver Ocelot, with the giant list of characters going on and on. Players can equip primary and support spirits to power up or add additional abilities like speed or strength to their fighter during battles. Mixing and matching spirits will help players get the upper hand against certain opponents, adding quite a bit of strategy to battles.

Equipping a spirit is similar to equipping a charm or accessory in an RPG. It’s a way for players to enjoy a massive amount of additional video game characters outside of selecting them as playable fighters.

On top of that we also got a look at more Assist Trophies for the game, the count of which is now at 59, making there more Assist Trophies then Pokemon. Thwomp is now here, along with Yuri Kozukata, from the Fatal Frame series.

In addition Spring Man from Arms is now an assist, making ARMS' debut in the Smash series, in addition, Mii Fighters can also wear a Ribbon Girl outfit, if they want to simulate some ARMS matches.

Finally, Dr Willy's Capsule, Guile from Street Fighter, Vince from Art Academy and Akira from the Virtua Fighter series. There were even more shown, including Issac from Golden Sun and the Black Knight from Fire Emblem.

The direct ended on the reveal of World of Light and there may not be a single-player adventure quite like Adventure Mode: Subspace Emissary from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but something has caused the numerous video game characters in the game to lose their bodies and transform into spirits. While today’s Nintendo Direct video provided some sneak peeks, Masahiro Sakurai, the director of the Super Smash Bros. series, wants to keep some parts of this new adventure mode secret until the game launches…

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