October 31, 2018

The Sunken Kingdom emerges in Strange Brigade today

Rebellion have announced that The Sunken Kingdom is out now for Strange Brigade, giving players an all new location to explore, story to experience and dangers to tackle.

On today's incredible instalment of Strange Brigade, our unflinching uncoverers of mystery embark into a mythical underground city. But what's this? A stunning temple at its very centre? Deadly cave-dwelling nasties guarding it with vim and vigour? My word, the Strange Brigade may need help here...

Ahoy there, is that a new adventurer I see? Introducing Hachiro Shimizu, master survivalist, playable via the JAPANESE NAVAL OFFICER CHARACTER EXPANSION PACK. It also includes the Mikhailov 38-rifle, the Marchador TT pistol, the Shock Grenade special item and Decaying Demon Blast amulet power - how grotesque!
At least one more DLC is planned, so stay tuned for more details.

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