October 11, 2018

Start the new year off with a One, Two Punch thank to Fitness Boxing

Nintendo has announced that you can kick the new year off with a one, two punch, as Fitness Boxing is coming to Switch on January 4th.

The game is different as it will let you learn boxing moves as you participate in boxing-based workouts while bopping along to instrumental versions of some popular music hits.

Daily training in Fitness Boxing ranges from 10-40 minutes and offers both low- and high-intensity options. After selecting from a diverse group of trainers, you can customize their looks with unlockable trainer outfits. The game can estimate your calories burnt based on the approximate body mass index (BMI). As you continue on your fitness journey, you can earn more songs and will also have the opportunity to engage with more challenging training circuits.

While gripping the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers, you will be punching, weaving and squatting using the built-in motion controls to get your whole body moving – no need for additional gym equipment!

Plus, with two-player mode, you can team up with a friend or family member to play in tandem or face off in a virtual boxing ring using one Joy-Con each.

The game will be in stores and on the eShop, so be sure to keep an eye out for it.

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