October 29, 2018

PAX Australia 2018 - Hands on with Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil is a series that has had its ups and downs, some games have achieved a level of status that fans are always asking for more of it, so when Resident Evil 2 was announced back at E3 2018, I was lucky enough to give it ago there, thankfully Capcom also brought the game to PAX Australia 2018 and I could sink my teeth into it once more.

The build of the game on show was the same from E3, with Leon stepping into the Police Station, after everything has gone down, there is no one around, but there are loads of make shift barriers around the place. Doing some Police work, results in the discovery of a monitor, with some views of various rooms and hallways in the precinct. Spotting a fellow office in trouble, Leon makes his way towards him, through the dark corridors, filled with water and more makeshift barricades and upon finding the officer, attempts to help, before it all goes wrong.

As I knew was going to happen, where the zombies were and such, I was able to take down the more dangerous ones from a distance and ignore the rest, conserving my precious ammo. Once back out in the main room, you meet the Lieutenant, who tells you to try and use the notebook you recovered from the other officer, to see if his plan of escape is true. More closed corridors and zombies abound, until I found myself at the desk of Leon, ready for his use, but of course locked. Whilst I was aware of a zombie in the captain’s office, I had forgotten about the one hiding at the back of the room and while I had some ammo to spare, the second one got to close for me to make a proper shot.

Thankfully, I survived and was able to unlock my desk, obtain the items inside and then head for the locked door, that I failed to reach last time, however it required a special key, one that I did not have. So back out into the dark corridors I went and headed for the second story of the station, something I had not done before, however it was at the top of the stairs that the demo timed out.

Whilst I was able to fly through a bulk of the demo, not needing to explore or get lost, I still found myself impressed with the game, and while I want to know more about the changes that they have made to the later portions of it. So far, the tease has been enough to keep me going, but pretty soon, I will want more, thankfully the release is not too far away, January 25th 2019, so hopefully this does not become a bloated corpse before then.

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