October 29, 2018

PAX Australia 2018 - Hands on with Devil May Cry 5

Capcom bought two of their biggest hitters to PAX Australia and I got to play both of them, and while I have not played any of the Devil May Cry games, prior to the reboot, getting some time with DMC 5 has me thinking that was a mistake.

There is no denying things, Devil May Cry 5 is a popcorn game, you can throw it on, and mash the controller and not worry to much, I mean why not, the game is not taking itself too seriously, but if you put in the effort the rewards will be that much sweeter. Playing as Nero, I was tasked with taking down a giant enemy that was destroying the city, but before I headed out, I was given some details about my new prosthetic arm.

The arm had a number of modes available to it and a number of options to choose from beside, each one offering another smaller range of choices, the good news was that each was plentiful in the demo. The main arm offered up the Devil Breaker attack, which would deliver a powerful attack in the direction that I was facing, pressing and holding the button for it down, would build up a charge and let me deal an incredible amount of damage, which included a much larger area of effect.

Outside of the arms, attacks were dealt out either via a sword or a gun, one being perfect for long range attacks and the other for when you want to get up and personal. Combining them all allowed me to keep the combo going, the better the combo, the better the score and at the end of the level, I was given a ranking and while my A was respectable, it gave me no desire to run back and try again, for those that want to improve, it gives you some incentive to do so.

Of course, the main reason for running through the town, was to take down a giant demon that had taken up residence there and when I say giant, I mean it. Not only was the demon massive, it was powerful, taking down buildings and such with ease, but the old adage comes to mind, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. His attacks, if they hit were devastating, but Nero was nimble and with some correctly timed dodges, I was able to avoid most of them and after a successful dodge, a quick counter attack was required and applied.

Devil May Cry 5 or DMC 5 if you prefer, does not reinvent the wheel here, it offers the same over the top action that fans are expecting and with the classic character of Dante making a return and a mysterious new V, there is surely a lot to get excited for.

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