October 29, 2018

PAX Australia 2018 - Checking out the Switch accessories from HyperX

HyperX it seems could not with the new products at PAX Australia 2018, as they were showing off one new Switch accessory and were talking about another.

If you have seen the news lately, you will know that they have released the Cloud Earbuds, their first in-ear headset, designed for mobile phones and of course the Nintendo Switch. As with a lot of other headsets, the Cloud Earbuds offer up three different size ear tips, made from a soft but firm silicone, which actually fill in your ear, rather than just sitting in lose, meaning that you won’t have them fall out, at the slightest tug of the cable.

Speaking of cables, the left ear cable contains an in-line mic and controls, making it useable on your phone as well as Switch, if the game supports direct in game chat, like Fortnite does, sadly if you are using the Nintendo Switch Online app, you will need to find another solution for game and chat audios. The end that plugs into your device, also contains a 90-degree end, meaning that it wont stand up and get in the way, allowing you to focus on the experience you are after. The Cloud Earbuds are out now and I was lucky enough to be given a set by the HyperX team and will have some more thoughts on them soon.

As for something to come, HyperX are going to be breaking into the micro sd market, with a 64, 128 and 256gb models and whilst they were not able to secure a licencing agreement with Nintendo for them, they are confidant that fans will still want them. With read speeds of 100MB/s and write speeds a 80, they will be able to handle the biggest games that Switch has available for it. As seems to be the trend, there is no pricing announced for them yet, but they are expected to release by the end of the year.

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