October 13, 2018

Operation Enigma is still on going

Did you know that Operation Enigma is still running, as of right now at the time of writing this, the final mission is live and if you manage to crack it, you will win a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti.

Designed around the Battlefield  community’s love of gaming Easter-eggs, Operation Enigma is a series of five tactical missions centred on the Battlefield  V World War II storyline. Combining modern technology with WWII spy mechanics, players are challenged to crack cryptic codes and unlock hidden messages in a race to solve each mission.

The first mission was launched with a secret link, hidden in plain site on the Battlefield  V website. Once the link to Operation Enigma was discovered, Battlefield  fans created a Discord channel dedicated to solving each mission together.

Will the final mission be completed before the game is released on November 20th, who knows, but you can jump in, and see if you can solve it.

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