October 10, 2018

Damsel is set to leave early access later this month

Local developers Screwtape Studios, has announced that Damsel, their debut PC and console game, will launch PC on October 19th. The game is currently in Early Access on PC and this will mark its full release, though no set date on the console versions.

The goal in Damsel is not to just get to the end of the level, it is to get everything and kill everything along the way, scoring that perfect result. By stringing together perfectly timed attacks and super stylish movement, players can achieve that ultimate high score. Completing side objectives will put that score into overdrive and shoot them to the top of the leaderboards!   

“We’ve been creating Damsel for nearly four years, it has been wonderful to see the game evolve with new ideas and refining the game’s identity“ said Megan Summers, Producer and Quality Assurance Lead, Screwtape Studios. “Players have been enjoying Damsel during the Early Access process so we are super excited to finally be releasing it”  

The game has made appearances at PAX Australia before, so it might seem familiar for that. For a limited time at launch, the game will have a special price, but will be priced at $20 US normally.

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