October 13, 2018

Bethesda are bringing big names to PAX Australia

Bethesda have announced that some big names are coming to PAX Australia, Pete Hines, Tim Willits and Matt Firor. The three have had massive careers in the gaming industry, with this being the second time at PAX Australia for Pete.

The three of them will be on a variety of panels, throughout the weekend, the details of which are below.

Friday 26 October | 12:00pm | Utopia/Dystopia: Environment-Drive Storytelling | Galah Theatre

As more continues to be revealed about the upcoming release of post-apocalyptic Rage 2, Tim Willits will join Rae Johnston, Editor of Junkee and Al Gibb, CEO of Mighty Serious, in a panel diving into all things “utopian perfection” and “dystopian worlds”.

Our perceptions of our future environment is shaped by differing narratives in scientific research outcomes and pop-culture musings, which we are exposed to in many written and visual forms.

With video games using these perfect environments as key storytelling drivers; from Mirror’s Edge idealistic urban environment to Fallout’s bleak wastelands- are our actual future environments easily acknowledged thanks to repeat representation in our game worlds?

Friday 26 October | 2:30pm | Bethesda in Conversation | EB Theatre

Nuclear apocalypse. Killing demons on Mars. Saving Tamriel from destruction. Killing Nazis in the 60s. Another, different kind of apocalypse. More potatoes than you can physically carry. For over 30 years, Bethesda has been known for crafting award-winning, genre-defining games. Join Pete Hines, Tim Willits, and Matt Firor as they take you on a journey through their decades working in games. No fast travel, either.

Friday 26 October | 5:30pm | id Software Retrospective | Main

From Commander Keen to Rage 2, id Software is in the shooting baddies business. And since 1991, business has been booming. Join studio director Tim Willits as he delves into the history of id, hitting the highs, the lows and the untold stories of some of the longest-running franchises in gaming, including Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein.

Saturday 27 October | 2:00pm | Bethesda Trivia | Galah Theatre

Yes, it’s a PAX staple! We’re sure you know where to find a radscorpion that wears a pair of glasses, but can Bethesda bigwigs Pete Hines, Tim Willits, and Matt Firor guess Bradman’s batting average? This time, the questions go both ways! What do they know? Do they know things? Let’s find out!

Bethesda have yet to confirm any games on show, but with Fallout 76 launching only a few weeks later, one might expect it to be there.

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