September 25, 2018

Ubisoft brings some classic Hasbro games to the Switch

Ubisoft have announced more for the Switch, with Hasbro Game Night for Nintendo Switch coming on October 30th, complete with Risk and Trivial Pursuit! Live, as well as Monopoly.

Monopoly is already available as a standalone release, but the others are new to Switch for the first time.

Trivial Pursuit Live! video game lets players compete in teams or one-on-one in versus mode, and with up to three friends in local multi-console mode. It also features 1,800 up-to-date questions (including 650 kid-friendly family questions).

Risk video game, meanwhile, boasts improved pacing and a new top view. Both games feature new graphical UI and online enhancements, as well as touchscreen features exclusive to the Nintendo Switch versions.

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