September 12, 2018

Strange Brigade keeps the content coming with free maps and more

Rebellion have announced that, even though Strange Brigade has only just released, the content is coming as the first character, included with the season pass is out now, but also free maps for everyone.

Season Pass owners can now play as Patrick 'Bash' Conaghan, the ex-rodeo rider with an eye for danger and pots of gold! Bash and his 'shocking' Wrath of Quetzalcoatl amulet attack are also available separately in the Texas Cowboy Character Pack, which can be purchased on its own, if you don't want the season pass.

All adventurers can try their luck in additional Harbin's Dig Path, Hidden Valley and Tunnels of Wadjet Score Attack levels, and the brand-spanking new Palace map for Horde Mode - all FREE and available NOW!

The next piece of content is expected to land this November, though an exact date is not yet know.

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