September 11, 2018

PlayStation VR serves up 3 new experiences

Sony held an event overnight, where a mass of games were shown off for PlayStation 4, but the developers at PlayStation were not just hosting, they also dropped news on three PlayStation VR experiences, including two new ones.

Fans of Everybody's Golf will be able to experience the series in a whole new way with Everybody’s Golf VR. Developed by Clap Hanz in association with JAPAN Studio, Everybody’s Golf VR marks the VR debut for the much loved franchise, letting players step into the shoes and score hot shots across the course.

The controls for Everybody’s Golf VR are slightly different from earlier Everybody’s Golf entries, but something that hasn’t changed is the series’ commitment to delivering an experience that everyone can easily enjoy, taking thrilling golf shots and nailing that perfect swing. Players can swing their Dualshock 4 or PS Move controller like a golf club, allowing them to experience the fun of golf with their whole bodies and immersing fully into the game.

The game is due for release for sometime in 2019, but no window as of yet, you can read more about the game over on the PlayStation Blog.

An update was given for Déraciné, a game first shown at E3 2018 and from developers FromSoftware and Hidetaka Miyazaki.

Déraciné is a classic adventure game brought to life by VR technology. It is a virtual adventure that allows you to explore a quiet world brimming with mysteries, and recall the joy of discovery. Players take on the role of an invisible faerie who appears in an old secluded boarding school where six students, and their aging headmaster reside. As players explore a world where time stands still, they will gather various bits of important information that will help unfold a mystery.

As the story deepens, players will come to discover that information you initially thought were simple will take on greater meaning. The core of this experience is found in the small epiphanies – the moments when the dots connect and players learn something new.

The game is going to release on PlayStation VR on November 6th

Finally, PlayStation, Square Enix and Disney are inviting players to step into the world of Kingdom Hearts like never before with the announcement of Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience.

This summer, gather your friends and family to enjoy a free 10 minute interactive video featuring the series’ iconic, breathtaking music. While we won’t spoil exactly what you’ll experience, we can confirm that you will also be able to unlock new content as you keep playing!

The experience will be available this Summer, though no exact date has been given yet, but there is some good news, as the entire experience is free.

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