September 13, 2018

New details announced for Left Alive

Square Enix have released some new details about Left Alive, including details about the three playable characters.

In 2127 the Garmonia Republic declares war on the neighboring country named Rutenia, beginning with the invasion of the border city Novoslava.

The Rutenian border troops are taken completely by surprise, and the battle ends almost instantly. However, that battle for survival is just about to begin for those left behind.

Mikhail Alexandrovich Schwarov is a wanzer pilot of the Rutenian Army’s 2nd mechanized platoon. Although he lacks experience, his ability as a pilot is highly praised. On the other hand, he is known for minor violations of discipline, and he is considered a bit of a problem child by his officers.

During the attack by the Garamonian army, he faces the main enemy force and his platoon is annihilated, alongside his own wanzer. While he barely escapes the wreck, he finds himself isolated, with no allies to rely on.

Olga Sergeevna Kalinina is a police officer in Novoslava. She was once a wanzer pilot in Garamonia, but she lost her only daughter during an armed confrontation between the army and the people of the NGFP. As a consequence, she left the army.

After obtaining Rutenian citizienship, she became a police officer in Novoslava. Although her ability as a cop is excellent, and she struggles to improve the security of the city, her independent action made her stand out. She is investigating frequent trafficking cases.

Leonid Fedorovich Ostermann is a high-ranking member of the Novoslava liberation movement NGFP. Originally, he was a mercenary, and he was hired when the movement intensified its armed resistance. While he worked for the organization, he sympathized with the ideas it represented and became a core member with the task of supervising military armed operations.

When the leader of the group is assassinated, he is framed as the culprit and sentenced to death. He denied the allegations, and there was no motive, but the existence of multiple witnesses decided his sentence. His public execution was actually faked, and he was instead imprisoned. That’s when the war reaches Novoslava. He knows nothing of the circumstances behind the assassination, nor why he was kept alive.

In the game the player takes control of all three characters, as the story begins when they’re left alone behind enemy lines in different circumstances. Ammunition and supplies are scarce, and it’s almost impossible to face a large number of enemies head-on. This is a game in which tactics are important, inheriting the strategic nature of the Front Mission series. It’s important to choose the best route to avoid enemies and get back at them with traps.

The game is set for release in 2019 for PlayStation 4 and PC

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