September 19, 2018

En garde - Raphael joins the fight in SoulCalibur VI

Bandai Namco have announced that SoulCalibur VI will expand its roster yet again, with the announcement of Raphael joining the fight.

Raphael’s fighting style is that of a fencer, delivering deadly blows to opponents through powerful thrusts and slashes. Processing great speed and agility, Raphael is at once difficult to hit and defend against when wielding his signature weapon, Flambert.

Born to France's aristocratic Sorel family, Raphael was taught the ways of the upper classes from a young age. When he was older he learned medical practices and was rigorously trained in the art of swordsmanship. He used his knowledge and talent with the rapier to keep his family on top during the political wars that were common in those times. His cold nature, though, gained him many enemies. When the political balance shifted during the Evil Seed event, his family handed him over to the enemy to save themselves. Raphael eventually escaped to the slums where he was saved by a young girl by the name of Amy.

The game launches on October 19th for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and prior to then, a network test is going to happen, which will give you a chance to play it.

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