August 15, 2018

Forged Battalion is out now for PC in full

Team 17 and developers Petroglyph have annoucned that Forged Battalion is out now for PC, having left Early Access. If the name of the developer means nothing to you, that is understandable, however their pedigree is something else, as the studio was founded by former Westwood Studio veterans, the makers of Command & Conquer.

With over a dozen campaign missions, multiple online modes, map editor and more, the game is packed with content already, but all players will have access to the Steam Workshop to find some great content.

Forged Battalion is a dynamic and innovative take on the real-time strategy genre that allows players to build and customise their own unique faction. Players can create, customise and develop their units as they fight in a variety of skirmish, solo and multiplayer battles. Using resources gained form each battle, players can unlock new options through the tech tree, allowing them to create an ever-evolving faction.

All unit types can be modified to adjust their armour, weapons and even apply special abilities such as stealth and regeneration. This customisation allows players to adapt to enemy tactics and evolve their faction to be best prepared for the fight. For instance, if the enemy is using fire troops, you can apply fire resistant armour to your units. With each tier of the tech tree that you unlock, you will gain blueprints to a wider variety of customisation options that can be changed between matches to fit the enemy archetypes that you’re facing.

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