August 11, 2018

DOOM Eternal gets new details, modes and gameplay from QuakeCon

Bethesda might have announced DOOM Eternal at E3 2018, but it was QuakeCon 2018 where they blew the doors off the game, not only does it take place on Earth and Phobos and other locations, it has a slew of new weapons and modes to enjoy, check out the game in action below.

You might have noticed that the score sounds familiar, well that is because composer Mick Gordon is back, having worked on the original DOOM, at least the 2016 original, he also did some work on the recent Wolfenstein games as well. 

A new weapon you might have noticed is the Super Shotgun, now with the added Meat Hook attachment, which will let you pull yourself towards enemies, to which you can then blast in the face with the shotgun part.

Players will even have the chance to invade the game of other players as a demon and give them some real nightmares, but be warned, other players can team up and enter your game and do the same. 

While there is no release date yet, we know that DOOM Eternal is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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