August 24, 2018

Discover the Company in Battlefield V

DICE and Electronic Arts have released a cool video that shows how player progression works in Battlefield V, the video and blog post show off the basics, with more details to be announced as we get closer to the games launch.

On the official site, they have detailed all you need to know about the Company, so be sure to read it, but there is also a chat with Ryan McArthur, DICE Producer of Engagement and Core Gameplay, about the new company feature.

What is the Company?
The Company is your collection of personal gear, which you can progress and customize how you see fit. That arsenal consists of all things you could possibly own: this includes weapons and visual customizations for them. Vehicle visual customization is available after launch but start planning their look now.
See the Company as your own personal army – or two armies, since each faction gets one – with your choices in Battlefield V affecting how your gear looks and plays.
To read the full chat, click here. Don't forget Battlefield V is holding an open beta from September 6th as well, all details can be found here.  

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