August 03, 2018

Blizzard release an epic cinematic for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

Blizzard are keeping the hype train going for World of Warcraft's upcoming expansion, Battle for Azeroth with another cinematic trailer, this time looking at Horde warrior Varok Saurfang.

The fires of war rage across Azeroth, but legendary Horde warrior Varok Saurfang wants no part in the fighting. After a lifetime spent on the front lines, he has outlived most of those closest to him, even his own son. On the eve of a battle that will determine the Horde’s fate, the old soldier must choose whether to finally lay down his axe for good.

The expansion releases on August 14, so only a few weeks to go now, players can opt to go the digital route or pre-order it in stores.

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