July 20, 2018

Total War Rome 2 is getting a new expansion

Sega and Creative Assembly have announced that Total War Rome 2 is getting an all new prequel campaign in the form of Rise of the Republic.

Rise of the Republic's super-detailed campaign map depicts the landmass of Italy and its neighbours, and introduces nine playable factions including Rome, the great city-state of Syracuse, and the ambitious Gallic tribe of the Senones. The new Government Actions feature enables players to activate unique bonuses for their chosen faction, while engaging in new region-specific dilemmas drawn from the annals of history.

Launching simultaneously with Rise of the Republic, the Ancestral Update introduces the Family Tree to all ROME II campaigns. This visual representation of your family and nobles enables you to interact with and manipulate characters, forge bonds and alliances with other factions, and engage in intrigues to further your aims. 

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