July 28, 2018

The GameCube controller is making a return thanks to Hori and PDP

Nintendo announced Super Smash Bros Ultimate at E3 and it seems that 3rd party companies are not wasting any time announcing GameCube controllers. Both companies have a Mario, Pikachu and a Zelda theme for the range.

Hori was the first and the biggest addition is a programmable button and adds another shoulder button on the left, so it has a ZR and now a ZL button. The controllers are also USB, meaning that they can plug directly into the dock, so no adapter required.

There is a downside though, the controller has no HD Rumble, no motion control, no amiibo reader and no player indicator LED's. The Hori controllers are releasing in Japan in October, but no word on a local release.

PDP announced theirs today, but while Hori have announced what is not included in theirs, PDP have confirmed they will also include a ZL button, but theirs have a pretty big addition.

Players can remove the C-Stick from the controller and replace it with a regular stick, giving you a little more control. In exchange for that control choice, they have no programmable button on theirs, they do have a 3 meter cable though, so plenty of length for all of your smashing needs.

No specific release date has been announced for the PDP controller, but given how EB Games loves to stock all their things PDP, so expect them to appear there.

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