July 27, 2018

Complete the story as The Banner Saga 3 is out now for all platforms

Stoic and Versus Evil have announced that The Banner Saga 3 is out now for all platforms, bringing the trilogy to an end, check out the launch trailer of the game below.

Banner Saga 3 is the defining end to an emotionally driven series that began in 2014 and has continued to enthral its legion of fans with a deep and thought provoking story-driven adventure, beautifully-crafted hand painted visuals and challenging, strategic turn-based combat. The game’s soundtrack also concludes Austin Wintory’s work on the award winning franchise with another beautifully orchestrated original score, recorded in the UK earlier this year. 

"Banner Saga 3 represents the final chapter in our Viking adventure which we have loved sharing with the fans every step of the way. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the fans and backers for helping us create the game we always wanted to make and one that fittingly concludes the trilogy so well,” said John Watson, Technical Director of Stoic.

“The end has come... and it’s hard to fathom that this award winning series has come to its conclusion,” said Steve Escalante, founder of Versus Evil. “This trilogy is for those that have been waiting for all three games, now is the time to jump in.  We started this adventure with Stoic, nearly five years ago and we couldn’t be more proud of the wonderful partnership we have forged on this amazing series.  Congratulations to the Stoic team and their supporters. Together you have all created one of the greatest indie titles of our time.”

For those on Xbox One or PlayStation 4, a retail release has happened and includes all three games on a disc, complete with a mini art book, poster, best of soundtrack and in-game digital item. Nintendo Switch owners will need to wait until September for their physical release.

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