July 14, 2018

Code Vein has been pushed until 2019

Bandai Namco has announced that Code Vein, has been pushed back from its planned 2018 release until sometime in 2019.

A statement was made by HervĂ© Hoerdt, Vice President Marketing and Digital at Bandai Namco  Entertainment Europe

“Our fans have given us a huge amount of very positive hands-on feedback with in-development versions of CODE VEIN so far. As a result of this - in an attempt to exceed the high expectations these fans have already - we made the decision to postpone the release of CODE VEIN to further refine the game. It’s a difficult decision of course, but we hope, once fans get to play the final version, they’ll agree it’s the right one!”
“We also, therefore, won’t be taking CODE VEIN to Gamescom this year while work continues on the finished title, but we’ll be revealing future hand-on opportunities very soon!”

So while we have no idea when the game will release, the silver lining is one less title to worry about missing this year.

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