July 04, 2018

Betrayal of Comrades expands the story of Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet today

Bandai Namco has announced that Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet expands once more, with the release of the second DLC pack, Betrayal of Comrades today.

In Betrayal of Comrades, Copy-ArFA-sys of Kirito and Asuna appear as players seek the truth surrounding these newly revealed doppelgängers. Two new characters, Clarence and Shirley, will also battle along-side the protagonist. Initially helping the players, their real motif is unknown. One question remains, will they prove to be friends or foes …

Players will also have access to a brand-new section of their home – behind a door previously closed off until now. Behind this door, players will be visited by well-known characters and receive exclusive quests. Expanding their homes will also gain access to additional accessory modifications, replaying background music and unlock new voice types for players’ ArFAs.

The second DLC pack is included in the Season Pass, so those who purchased that will find the new content available to download, for those without it, you can still buy the pack or purchase the content separately.

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