June 29, 2018

The IntelliMouse is back

Proving that everything old is new again, Microsoft have announced that they are bringing back the classic IntelliMouse, the first since the last one released back in 2003.

The mouse is actually available now, though it is priced at $70, so it is not as cheap as they used to be.
Simon Dearsley, Devices Design Director, Microsoft says “The timing of the release of the Classic IntelliMouse is really interesting. We’ve reached a point where tracking and switch technology and price has matured immensely. We saw this as an opportunity to improve on an icon by updating it with modern technology. We know how important the IntelliMouse range has been and wanted to take a moment to reflect on the history of it and do something special for our fans.”
What do you say, are you going to get one?

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