June 17, 2018

E3 2018 - Hands on with Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus for Switch

Bethesda have been one of the most supporting developers of the Switch, since the initial reveal trailer of what was NX, they have been there. When they surprised the world that both DOOM and Wolfenstein 2 were coming to Switch, many stopped in shock, thinking they would not work, but DOOM proved them wrong and now it's time for Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus to do the same

At E3, it was playable, thought it was oddly setup, not only was the gun only running in handheld mode, it had a Pro Controller connected. While it was nice to use the Pro Controller, it meant that the game was not docked, which meant the full value of the performance I got, was based off the handheld mode and as it ran quite smooth there, I can only hope it just looks better when docked.

Of course, performance aside, the biggest thing is how it played and I can say from the nearly 20 minutes I played, it was beautiful, not only was it fun, it made me want to play more and only another booking could get me off the game. Using the triggers for shooting and aiming, works just like you expect it to, throwing a grenade works just the same as most other games, but the best part was the motion controls, they work just like DOOM.

Given the studio that is porting this to Switch, is the same that did the DOOM port, that is not unsurprising, but its nice to see all the extras they added post launch coming to Wolfenstein 2. The only thing I was not able to test out, was how hot the Switch was getting, as they are chained to the stands, with giant plates wrapping around the back, getting the feel of the rear of the machine is more difficult and I could not confirm the heat levels. DOOM would generate some significant heat if you played for a while and I suspect Wolfenstein 2 is going to be the same.

Whilst my time with the game was short, I enjoyed it and of course, with its release later this month, there is very little wait, until we can all undertake the mission of Bethesda to…. You know. The game is out for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One already, but comes to Switch on June 29

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