May 30, 2018

Xbox Australia are bringing the E3 experience to Australia

Have you ever wanted to sit in the audience at an E3 Press Conference (it is fun, let me tell you) but you can't afford a trip to Los Angeles, well Xbox have you covered this year.

At 5 locations across Australia and New Zealand, Xbox is hosting The Xbox GrE3n Carpet, a special event, where you can purchase a ticket and be rewarded with a host of fun.

The events kick off at 5:30am, making sure you don't miss a moment of the Xbox Keynote. Tickets cost AU$20 (don't forget to include the booking fee) with all proceeds from the event going to charity and participants getting over $100 in value on the day, including:

•       A Gold Class cinema experience + breakfast
•       The Xbox Keynote (LIVE from The Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles)
•       Competitions + awesome prizes (Xbox One X)
•       Full length feature film: Solo: A Star Wars Story

Locations available:
•       Entertainment Quarter (Sydney) – bookings available here
•       Wetherill Park (Sydney) – bookings available here
•       Melbourne Central (Melbourne) – bookings available here
•       Sunnybank Plaza (Brisbane)– bookings available here
•       Sylvia Park (Mt Wellington, NZ) – bookings available here

So get your tickets and get ready to enjoy E3 like never before

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